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$45 per individual session or $375 for a package of 12 sessions.

30 minute ionized foot detox.  Proven to remove glyphosate and heavy metals from the body. Clients feel best when they have eaten a small meal and drink water prior to their session. It is suggested to do 2 sessions per week to maximize benefits. 


 $45 per session or $200 for 5


Pure Energy Facial Reflexology is a modality that uses the reflex points on the face to help the body align the autonomic nervous system, relaxes brainwaves, balance out stress hormones, get better sleep, etc.

Sessions are 20-30 minutes long. 

Package of 5: $875
Single Session - $260


We’re thrilled to be expanding our treatment menu to include Neveskin!

- Promotes a slimmer appearance
- Firms and smoothes the skin

- Helps ease discomfort

- Stimulates the lymphatic system

Experience a whole new you with no pain and no downtime.

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