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Botanical Skin Therapy + Apothecary - In the Forest.

We are your one-stop holistic shop. Focusing on Holistic skin treatments, whole body detoxification, working on imbalances in the body to bring the body back to homeostasis

The products we carry are handcrafted locally, help one to replace toxic products with products that do not contain hormone disruptive ingredients. We carry high end organic spa quality skincare special for our clients/members. 

We are now accepting new members for Ioncleanse Foot Detox Sessions, Red Light Therapy, Facial Reflexology, and the NEW Neveskin Facial & Body treatments.

Lavender & Thyme
is your one-stop shop & spa for: 

Organic herbal apothecary ingredients, hand-crafted skin and body care products, gifts, and products formulated from other local practitioners.

We host Make & Take classes and provide skin care , reflexology, and detoxing services.

What we do.

Holistic Skin Treatments, Ioncleanse detoxes, &
Herbal education

IMG_5855 (2).jpg

Healing from the inside - out.

To empower and educate. Going back to our God given roots found right in nature. Healing from within. To give us the complexion and skin we have dreamed about. 

To work with you one on one customizing the proper skincare treatments and plan to help you meet your skincare needs and goals.

Why we do it.

Why we do it.

Experience the healing power of herbal skincare

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Shoppe Hours

6755 Shoup Rd., Black Forest, Colorado 80908

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