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Lesson learned #1:

Your supplements won’t save you. Your fillers won’t save you. Your exercise program won’t save you. Your facials won’t save you. None of the quick fixes out there WILL. NOT. SAVE. YOU.


I have been a “supplement dealer” for a good part of the last 10 years. I have worked for various network marketing companies and I even have my own dispensary that has over 150+ really high quality vitamins/supplements.

I see it all too often – holistic people saying how supplements made them lose weight, helped their hair grow back, gave them clear skin. All things we WANT, especially when we are in that state of a taxed out over tied body. We start to finally notice we put on a few extra UNWANTED pounds, more hair sitting in the shower drain, thinning lips, thinning eyebrows, anxiety creeping in, nails are more brittle … and the list goes on. I am sure we ALL have experienced these things. And we ALL want a quick fix.

But what does a quick fix do?

- Gives us frustration and false hope.

- Does NOT address the root causes and will further lead to MORE unwanted symptoms.

- Drains our bank account.

So, are you saying we NEVER need supplements? I mean our food is 30% (or more) nutritionally depleted from the foods our grandparents ate! Nope, not saying that all. However … turning first to quick fixes will not do what we are really seeking to get done. We want to FIX the problem so we don’t have to deal with the current problem or others that will come later on down the road.

Just like there is a time and place for pHarma remedies in some situations … while the body is in a true healing state it may need a helping hand and sometimes these drugs can save us. But they should not be long term (in most cases … NOT ALL). Supplements are the same.

HOWEVER, what we should be doing is:

- Getting to know what herbs can help our bodies recover and THRIVE.

- Find what exercises are truly best for our bodies in the state our health is currently in.

- Understand our bodies … get back in touch with your intuition.

- STOP being afraid of food!!! (As a former body building competitor THIS one is/was a tough one!)

- Stop following fads that have you taking out food groups (sorry processed foods are NOT considered a food group. Ditch that crap).

- Start being mindful.

- Eat often and enough! ENJOY the nourishment. We are being taught to starve our bodies of nutrients and stuff them with toxins.

- Find good TRUE holistic practitioners to help you. Ones who will look at you as a whole and guide you along your journey.

- Understand that it is a journey. Most times we will get worse before we get better. BUT it doesn’t have to be a bad thing or a long chapter – if it is, re-evaluate.

Time for that MINDSHIFT!

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