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Who is Glenda?

It has been my dream for the last few years to merge my homestead/farm business with my wellness business. Incorporating all we do utilizing the gifts God has on this beautiful Earth for us. These healing gifts the of herbs, flowers, and all the healing remedies that have grown around us since the beginning of time. Since starting my studies in Herbal Medicine in 2014, my goal was to have an apothecary and wellness center. In 2022 I had the vision of making our Apothecary and wellness business mobile. I knew I wanted it to be an old thyme feel, so looked for an old camper to renovate. We found her quickly! When we pulled up to the house to look at the camper, the lady said "come this way to see Glenda". The name Glenda means, "pure", "clean", "holy", "good". Her name stuck. We kept the Old Thyme theme (to go along with our product label name and our homestead name). "Glenda" is an 11x7 1950's tear drop camper in need of a LOT of repair. We will be sending her off to the shop for her 6 month + renovation. She will be renewed from the bottom up and inside out.

We will have tea, tinctures, an herbal apothecary shoppe, and a red light halotherapy room - pretty sure it will be the worlds smallest, but will be extremely effective. We will also have our IonCleanse foot detox available for appointments.

Until Glenda is up and running, we are offering all the same services at our Black Forest private office - so no need to wait to start your wellness journey!

Follow us to see Glenda's progress and for updates/specials!

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