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Botanical Skin Therapy +
Apothecary - In the Forest.

What we do.

Holistic Skin Treatments, Ioncleanse detoxes, &
Herbal education

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Healing from the inside - out.

To empower and educate. Going back to our God given roots found right in nature. Healing from within. To give us the complexion and skin we have dreamed about. 

To work with you one on one customizing the proper skincare treatments and plan to help you meet your skincare needs and goals.

Marissa's passion is herbal medicine & holistic skincare. 

Why we do it.

Why we do it.


Marissa is amazing to work with!!! She truly has a passion for helping people and the knowledge and skillset to get you results! Marissa is extremely down to earth and so very personable that I immediately found myself drawn to her and her style of training. I am a collegiate athlete and have been around a weight room and worked out for most of my life however, my form and posture needed some adjustments and has never looked better thanks to Marissa. I have worked out with many different trainers but she was the first to actually work on my posture and make me aware of when my form was off so I could self identify and correct it.

Marissa goes above and beyond to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and balance in your life as well as educating you along the way. I am so glad to have found Marissa and the motivation she has instilled back in me to make my health a top priority and enjoying it while I'm doing it. I highly recommend Marissa and everything she has to offer!

— Stephanie Barron

Experience the healing power of herbal skincare

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